April Tip of the Month

Although there might still be cooler nights, the days are getting longer and warmer – so now’s the time to prepare the house for a new season.
Back in the day, houses were organized, scrubbed and cleaned within an inch of their lives because spring cleaning was serious business. These days it’s more practical to settle for a lick and a promise! And today’s labor-saving words are VACUUMS and WASHING MACHINES! Read more

March Tip of the Month

Consider the following dates, just in March alone, dedicated to getting your act together! First, there’s the National Organize Your Home Office Day (2nd Tuesday of the month) – a date meant to spur you into action so you can actually find your home office again.  Read more

February Tip of the Month

The weather outside might be frightful, but inside you can have a delightful time organizing and giving your kitchen the TLC it needs to best serve you. Put on some jazzy music and get started! Read more

January Tip of the Month – Winding up 2016

Out with the old and welcome the new!
Now’s the time to collect, organize and put together all your 2016 files, health forms, and tax documents for the accountant. Organizing these papers ahead of time saves you money and time. While you’re at it, check with your accountant to see if your old financial records have exceeded their statute of limitation. Read more

December Tip of the Month

decemberOf all the months, December may be the most overwhelming. Between the holidays, gifts and houseguests, the entire month can an endless to-do list. If it all seems too much for you to tackle, then consider two options: you can either pare down your holiday expectations or you can give Next Step Baltimore a call.
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November Tip of the Month

cozyNot only is your home one of your greatest investments, but it’s also your safe place to relax and regroup at the end of a busy day. Our grandparents had it right – changing our interiors with the seasons created a magical place of cozy warmth in harsh winters and cool relief in the hot Baltimore summers. Read more

Organizing October – It’s Never Too Late!

Organizing OctoberNow’s the time to establish good organizational habits for you and your entire family. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a calm start to the day – everyone enjoying a nice breakfast in clean clothes – not scrambling to complete homework or pack lunches?
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September Tip of the Month


September feels like the month of fresh beginnings. The weather is starting to break and children are back in session, rested from a play-filled summer. It’s possible that you’re spending more time in the car – driving carpool, dropping off and picking up from play practice, sports, choir practice, and play dates. Read more


August 2016 Tip Of The Month – Back-To-School Preparation

The end of summer is drawing near, but we are going to soak up every ounce of sun-saturated joy that remains! Savor the garden tomatoes that are only here this time of year and revel in the long days and warm nights. At the same time, start thinking about preparing for the school year ahead. Read more

organization ideas

July 2016 Tip Of The Month – Organize Your Closets

organization ideasWhen it’s hot outside and you feel overwhelmed by all your clutter inside, here’s a suggestion to clear a path to order, peace and calm in your life. Organize your linen closets. Yes, you read that right! Most of us rarely think about the importance of our linens, but your sheets and towels are central to providing a good quality of life. From that perspective, it’s fitting that they be treated with the respect they deserve. Shoving your sheets into a pile in your closet does not honor their importance in your life. Plus, the jumbled mess takes up more room than those properly sorted and put away. Read more