Next Step Baltimore: A calm in the crisis

No one expects a water line to break and flood the basement, a tree to fall on the roof or smoke damage from a house fire next door. We know you do everything in your power to prevent these emergencies, but sometimes they do happen, leaving terrible stress and mess in their wake.

During such difficult times, you need someone in your corner. Next Step Baltimore is experienced with helping you pick up the pieces and move forward.

We’re there to clean up the mess

The aftermath of a home emergency can be overwhelming. We help save, clean, pack and store salvageable items, inventorying and creating photo records. If you need to leave your home, we help implement the move. From booking the movers, packing and unpacking, putting items in storage and setting up your temporary space, we take the lead. Then, when restorations are complete, we arrange for the return move and put everything back together.

Even if you are just shifting to an undamaged section of your home during repairs, we are there. We guide the space planning, moving and keeping track of everything. The aftermath of home disasters demands so much attention and decisions. Throughout this process, Next Step Baltimore is the knowledgeable and capable relief you can count on.

Your helping hand during home renovations

Even a positive change like home renovation can come with considerable strain and disorder. Putting in that dream kitchen for your gourmand soul? Converting a basement to a family room for the grandkids? We are an essential part of your renovation team.

We get you organized so you and your family can function in reduced space while the construction takes place. Especially during the busy time of renovation, you have to feel comfortable and productive in your space. We help you clean out all that extra stuff, pack away nonessentials, arrange for storage, inventory everything and make your temporary living area comfortable. When construction is finished, we are there to unpack and set up your space.

Large-scale change, whether planned or unexpected, can cause considerable stress and disorganization. However, with Next Step Baltimore, you can feel the relief of knowing you are in good hands.