It’s not just any old move, we know senior moves are different

Moving can be a stressful and emotion-filled time for anyone. For seniors leaving a family home filled with many years’ worth of memories, this process can be particularly difficult. However, Next Step Baltimore is experienced with working with seniors and honoring the past while focusing on the positive things that come with their next step

We look to the future and respect the memories

We take care of both the practical and symbolic aspects of the move. Many of our clients like to take memory books of their homes with pictures, letters and other memorabilia. For a celebratory twist, we’ve even thrown a farewell party for the friends and family of a moving couple. The party favor was a giveaway of their extra possessions-a creative and fun way to spread their things among the people who share their memories. No matter your needs, Next Step Baltimore knows how to smooth the way. We understand that you aren’t just loading boxes; You’re packing a lifetime.

Let us free you of worries- Pass over the to do list

When it comes to the heavy lifting, leave the work and all details to us. Next Step Baltimore will help you sort and organize all your possessions, figure out what stays and where it will go in the new place, as well as deal with all family pass-downs, donations, consignments and sales.

Don’t let the moving minutia keep you up at night. We provide the information, look for solutions and you make the decisions. Leave the banks, doctors, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, alarm company and lawn mowers up to us. We’ll switch the cable and electric and set up your computer and TV saving you time. To let all your family, friends and acquaintances know of your exciting new chapter, we’ll send out moving cards with your new address and telephone number.

Need a mover? We’ve been working in this area for a long time, so we know who to avoid and who you can trust. We pack your possessions as if they belong to us. Plus, we can inventory boxes and include a time-saving master list so you know where things are, especially if they are going to a storage facility. We arrange for any moving insurance and appraisals if needed. We often utilize reusable and money-saving plastic moving totes. Even on the big day of the move, you can stay relaxed knowing we are closely supervising every step.

Welcome to your new home!

During the unpacking process, your comfort and pleasure in your new home is our driving goal. We use pictures we took at your old house to assure the continuation of your unique style and organization preferences. We dispose of (and recycle when possible) all the paper, boxes, and other moving supplies.

With your books and assorted curio placed in the same order, kitchen filled with little touches like shelf paper and ready coffee, fresh sheets on the bed and clean linens in the bathrooms, you will walk into your home, not just a house.

We’re here for you long after the move

Clients of Next Step Baltimore know that in us they have a friend for life. Whether it be switching out seasonal clothes, wrapping and mailing gifts, putting up holiday decorations or sending notes, we are there for their future needs.